• Simple Homemade Christmas Decorations

    Published Tuesday 9th December 2014 @ 9.57am by Ann Russell

    With only 15 days until Christmas (not that we’re counting!) it’s time to embrace the holiday mood and fill your home with festive decorations. Seasonal decor shouldn’t cost the earth, infact simple handmade baubles and wreaths are purse-friendly and add a personal touch to your home. We’ve road tested these quick DIY Christmas crafts and we’re confident that you can transform your home with a few basic materials. Embrace your creativity and impress your guests with our clever Christmas craft ideas.

    Hanging pinecones

    Whether you prefer traditional decor or a more contemporary Christmas look in your living room, kitchen and hallway, we find the simplest touches are often the most effective. Dangle pinecones from every door handle by folding a 12 inch ribbon into a loop and gluing to the cone's base. Tie another 12 inch ribbon into a bow and glue over the ends of the first ribbon then paint the tips of pinecones with white paint and cluster in a bowl or a vase for an easy table centrepiece. Use the same method to create Christmas tree decorations. Leave the cones natural or use spray paint to give them a colour that compliments the rest of your decor. This is a great afternoon activity for children but we recommend adult supervision if they’re using scissors and a hot glue gun.  

    Sequin baubles

    If you love a touch of sparkle at Christmas these sequinned baubles will be right up your street. Like all the best craft projects, they require minimal effort but have maximum impact. All you need is some pins, a foam ball and a selection of sequins. For a contemporary design choose one colour and begin to insert the pins through the central hole of each sequin. Methodically cover the whole ball with sequins until you are left with a small central spot. Here you can attach a standard hooked pin to hang the bauble on your Christmas tree. Or simply fill the whole surface with sequins and gather the balls together in a vase to use as an eye-catching centrepiece.

    Paper stars

    These beautiful paper stars look best hung from tall ceilings in groups of five or six, however, a single star can be just as effective in a smaller space. Just fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally and again into a quarter. Cut three straight lines into the folded piece of paper around 1 cm apart depending on the size of star you wish to make. Open the piece of paper and cut in half to create a cutting template. Fold another square piece of paper in half diagonally and place your cutting template over the top of it. Open up the square piece of paper you have just cut and flatten. Take the inner triangle cuts and fix the ends together using glue as shown in the picture. Repeat this process until all ends have been fixed together to create a point of your star. Take 3 of your completed points and stick the top of the points together to create a semi-circle. At the end staple both halves together to secure and attach a wide red ribbon to create a loop to hang your star. Voila!

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