• New year = new wardrobe

    Published Tuesday 13th January 2015 @ 9.58am by Ann Russell

    Around mid-January, even with the best of intentions, it’s tempting to give up on new years resolutions and resume the festive indulgence. There’s nothing like a spring clean to fuel your motivation and we think the best place to start is your wardrobe. Clearing out the clutter will freshen up your home and your personal style. Follow our list for 10 quick and easy ways to brighten your wardrobe this winter….

    1. Respect your style – pull out 10 favourite items of clothing from your wardrobe and consider how they reflect your personal style. Lots of pattern and colour? Minimalism isn’t for you. Mainly monochrome? Stick to neutrals and soft colours that make you feel comfortable. The most important thing is staying true to your own style, not someone elses.
    2. Keep all cashmere – this luxurious fabric never dates and is a sound investment for any age. It's worthwhile holding onto cashmere clothes even if they rarely see daylight because it retains its value and will be wearble ten years from now.
    3. Clean precious jewellery – delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches should be cleaned regularly with a fine cloth and different metals kept separately in your jewellery box.
    4. Dry clean your LBD – the ever faithful little black dress remains everyone's safe choice season after season. Take yours to the dry-cleaners for a little freshen up and it’ll be ready to wear when the party season begins again.
    5. Heel knee high boots – keep quality leather boots re-heeled and they’ll last you for several years, from one winter to another. It's worth investing in a shoe cleaning kit and boot shapers to keep the leather fresh and supple.
    6. Keep basic t-shirts and vests – regardless of colour, simple t-shirts are a wardrobe staple and should be kept within easy reach at all times.
    7. Faded old-favourites – thrown away anything that looks threadbare unless you feel confident enough to repair small holes and tears using a needle and thread. If reluctant to part with a particular piece take it to a seamstress to assess the damage. Although they might not be able to save your garment they can often transform a dress into a blouse or make a pair of trousers into a skirt.
    8. Pass it on – instead of throwing clothes away pack up anything you haven’t worn for over two years and donate them to a local charity shop.
    9. Recycling box – Remember that broken plastic and wooden hangers can be recycled too. Alternatively organise a clothes swap with friends to see your once-worn clothes go to a good home.
    10. Trends fade – We’ve all bought clothes spontaneously and regretted it. Find those unworn items at the back of your wardrobe and sell them online to make a little pocket change. Your fashion disaster could be someone’s style saviour!

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